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History & Greetings
History & Greetings
According to a literature, in 1983, the first microimplant for orthodontic anchorage in human being was tried by Creekmore and Eklund to intrude maxillary anterior teeth in USA. However, this kind of invasive tools had not been paid attention to for orthodontic treatment while we were implanting the screws between the roots in Daegu, Korea.

In 1997, Dr. Kanomi from Japan introduced K-1 system of Sankin Co. and proved that even very small size of micro-implant (1.2mm) was enough for orthodontic anchorage through the intrusion cases of anterior teeth from both jaws. However, we could not purchase the K-1 system at that time, because the system had not been ready for selling.

By chance, prof. Seong-Min Bae in Korea found surgical screws used by plastic surgeons for connecting small bones, which had the same diameter of K-1 system. Since then, he and prof. Hyo-Sang Park started to use them for several types of orthodontic tooth movement, including En Masse retraction, intrusion of posterior teeth, and molar protraction, as well as intrusion of anterior teeth using microimplant located between the roots of two central incisors without any side effects. Thereafter, they have presented excellent cases at the annual academic meeting of the Korean Association of Orthodontists in 1999. Since the presentation, many Korean orthodontists started to use microimplants and the microimplant anchorage system has come into general use all around world.

Regarding conventional surgical screws in orthodontic treatment, they exposed several problems such as difficulties in applying orthodontic elastics to their heads, gingival impingement caused by applied elastics to them, and difficulties in removal after using them. Therefore, we have designed new types of orthodontic microimplants and requested Korean implant companies to manufacture them. However, none of company had been interested in making orthodontic screws of only 1.2 mm diameter.

Fortunately, alumni from department of orthodontics, school of dentistry, Kyungpook National University established Venture Company called ‘Dentos Inc.’ and started to make orthodontic microimplants. Professor Hyo-Sang PARK named the orthodontic micro-implants as ‘AbsoAnchor’ and had got patent. Ever since then, the raw material and designs of the ‘AbsoAnchor’ have been kept changing many times to improve their quality.

Meantime, in 2006, we have held the 1st World Microimplant Anchorage Congress (WMIA) in Las Vegas just before AAO annual meeting. Since the first meeting, we have been opening this congress every year all over the world. Now, we set to make a World Microimplant Anchorage Society (WMIAS) to exchange knowledge and experiences among world leading experts regarding microimplant anchorage.